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1. Area of application

1.1      These general terms and conditions apply on all delivered goods and services by Airborne Catering GmbH.

2. Parties

2.1      The contract of purchase comes about with:

Airborne Catering GmbH
Operation Center 1
CH-8058 Zurich Airport
Owners: C. and C. Oliveira

+41 44 553 25 28 / /

You can reach our customer service center 365 days a year from 6am to 10pm, both by
phone or e-mail.

3. Offer and conclusion of the contract

3.1      Products and services by Airborne Catering may vary in their composition, availability, appearance, size or price from catalogue and online offers. Airborne Catering does not assume any liability or warranty for the constant availability of its products or services. In case of unavailability of single components of ordered goods, Airborne Catering has the right to use similar products for the production of those desired goods.

3.2      The contract of purchase comes about when we accept your request by sending you a definite order confirmation per e-mail from our operations department.

3.3      Protection of minors:
We do not sell any kind of alcohol (alcopops, spirits, aperitifs, wine, beer nor cider) to under 18-year-olds. Relevant for the employees of Airborne Catering is the person acting as purchaser.

4. Wording of contract

4.1      The wording of the contract is saved on our internal systems. The terms and conditions can be viewed on page at any time.

5. Orders

5.1      For short-term orders, the purchase contract comes into being from the moment that you receive a written order confirmation from Airborne Catering via e-mail.

5.2      Catering requests can be sent via e-mail or be placed via phone.

5.3      The minimum order value is CHF 30.00.

5.4      For newspapers and magazines procurement, a fee of CHF 30.00 emerges additionally to the purchase price of the newspapers.

5.5      Orders are taken care of during our opening hours (06:00 – 22:00 LT).
          For orders placed outside our opening hours, surcharges may apply.
          In such cases please find more information under points 8 and 9 (surcharges).

6. Cancellations

6.1      The customer has a right of cancellation by law.
In case of a cancellation up to 6 hours within our operating hours prior to the confirmed delivery time, only items especially purchased, or which ar
already in preparation will be charged.
Orders, which are cancelled less than 6 hours before the fixed delivery time, will be fully charged.

Please be advised that confirmed orders for the next day cannot be cancelled be free of charge depending on the ongoing order process and given time frame (up to the requested delivery time). Cancellation fees may apply.

In any case, the client will be informed via email.

7. Prices / Delivery costs

7.1      The prices named on the product pages exclude the statutory VAT. The statutory VAT will only be applied where appropriate.

7.2      The delivery costs depend on the amount of ordered goods as well as on the delivery destination. They will be imparted to you before you transmit your binding confirmation.

7.3      For all landside deliveries, a delivery fee of CHF 39.00 emerges.

7.4      Pick-up and delivery fee for dishes is CHF 39.00 per trip.

8. Short-term orders

8.1      For orders which are placed during our opening hours (between 06:00 LT and 22:00 LT) and have a lead-time between 3 - 6 hours after written confirmation from Airborne Catering, the following short-time order surcharge emerges:

•       Lead time with less than 3 hours prior to delivery time: 80% of the order value
•       Lead time between 3 - 6 hours prior to delivery time: 50% of the order value

The minimum surcharge on short-term orders is CHF 120.00.

9. Night shift orders

9.1      For orders with a nighttime delivery between 21:00 LT and 06:00 LT we charge a night supplement of 30% of the order value.

The minimum “night supplement” surcharge is CHF 120.00.

10. Delivery

10.1   We only deliver in the Zurich Airport area and its agglomeration. Other destinations and airports only upon request.

11. Faulty delivery

11.1   The customer is required to check the delivered goods immediately upon receipt.
Any complaints are to be reported in person, by phone or e-mail, to the team of Airborne Catering at the time of delivery.
No warranty or liability is assumed for deficiencies reported later on.

12. Limitation of liability

12.1   Liability is limited to the total value of the supply in any case. No liability is assumed for neither the aesthetic nor culinary liking of our products or services nor for sufficient satiation of the           customer respectively his guests or customers. In case of deficiency of service of Airborne Catering, solely the appropriate surplus costs for a substitute equivalent to our service will be covered. Advanced liability for the success of a customer's event or the like is declined.

12.2   The Provider prepares all catering under the strict hygiene regulations. He packs and delivers it on time, in a safe manner for consumption, to the FBO or (upon request) to the plane.

12.3   The provider’s responsibility ends with the handing over of the catering to third parties, like for example: Handover to the FBO, crew, client’s staff members etc.

13. Food Safety

13.1   To guarantee a catering food safety, all raw components must be stored in a fridge or in a temperature controlled area. Temperature must be between 3°C and 5°C.

13.2   Airborne Catering does not take any responsibility of the quality of food in case of a delay of the aircraft. It is the responsibility of the customer, local handling agent, crewmembers etc. to inform Airborne Catering timely of any delay.

13.3   Once the catering was handed over to the local handling agent or customer, from then the responsibility lies with them to store the catering properly and keep it cooled before the departure of the aircraft.

13.4   Airborne Catering does not take any responsibility for food, which was specially purchased ready to serve from special restaurants, like for example Sashimi, Sushi, Patisserie, orders after client’s desire etc.

14. Payment

Payment possibilities:

·    Credit card
·    Local handling agent (FBO)

15. Force majeure     
15.1   Airborne Catering is not liable for a partial or whole non-execution of its obligations due to events beyond its normal control such as natural disasters, strikes, government restrictions, war, bad traffic jam, accidents, bad weather conditions or similar force majeure, which impairs the performance of their obligation towards the custom    

16. Disputes

Jurisdiction Commercial Court of Zurich, Switzerland

17. Right of modification

Airborne Catering reserves the right, to make alterations to its catalogue, prices as well as terms and conditions, within the bounds of what is reasonable, at any time and without prior notice.

18. Validity

These terms and conditions are effective 5th of October 2022 and supersede the previous editions and are subject to change without prior notice.
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